Not everything we write is available online, but as you can see below, plenty of it is. Everything in this list is written, partly or wholly, by a Brilliant.

Novels by our members

Telesā, and eight others, by Lani Wendt Young

Healer’s Touch, by Deb E Howell

You Say Which Way series, by Deb Potter

Heloise, and eight others, by Mandy Hager

Aukati, by Michalia Arathimos

Picture Books

That’s Not a Hippopotamus, and eighteen others, by Juliette MacIver

We’re Off to Find a Kiwi, by Juliette MacIver and Kate Wilkinson

The Horse and the Hurricane King, by Loretta Crawford


The Community Law Manual, edited by Kristin Smith

Simply Kombucha, by Stacey Wilson

Simple Kombucha Sourdough, by Stacey Wilson

Rants in the Dark, by Emily Writes

Huia Short Stories 12

The Whole Intimate Mess, by Holly Walker

Pennies from Heaven, by Jessica Berentson-Shaw

The Other Worlds of Hector Berlioz, by Inge van Rij

Brahms Song Collections, by Inge van Rij

Political Activity Book, by Rowena Fry

Whole Life Worship: Empowering Disciples for the Frontline, by Sara Hargreaves

How Would Jesus Lead Worship?, by Sara Hargreaves

The Cookbook Tour: Europe, by Flip Grater

Happy Hair, by Lucy AitkenRead

Freedom Face, by Lucy AitkenRead

30 Days of Rewilding, by Lucy AitkenRead

Write to the Centre, by Helen Lehndorf

Zero Waste Fashion Design, by Holly McQuillan


Spiritual Complaint: The Theology and Practice of Lament, edited by Miriam J Bier

Perhaps There is Hope, by Miriam J Bier

Evangelical Quarterly

E Kore Te Tōtara e Tū Noa i Te Pārae, Engari Me Tū i Roto i Te Wao-Nui-a-Tāne: The Symbolism of Rākau and Ngahere in the Huia Short Story Collections, by Kristin Smith

Always Speaking: The Treaty of Waitangi and Public Policy, by Katarina Gray-Sharp

Dr Susan Wardell

Dr Sian Halcrow

Rebekah Graham

Ella Arbury

Dr Miriam Bier

Katarina Gray-Sharp

Sarah Bichan

Jo Waitoa

Sarah Jane Parton

Dr Felicity Bright

Dr Anita Mortlock


Te Quick Six and Te Swift Seven

Te Iwa o Mataariki

Night Swimming, by Kiri Piahana-Wong

Words in Season

The Possibility of Flight, by Heidi North-Bailey

Aukati, by Michalia Arathimos

The Ski Flier, by Maria McMillan

Tree Space, by Maria McMillan

Fully Clothed and So Forgetful, by Hannah Mettner

Flow: Whanganui River Poems, by Airini Beautrais

Graft, by Helen Heath

Watching for Smoke, by Helen Heath

Blogs and Websites


Finding God in Family Life


Hei Reo Whānau

Sans Pareil

The Fern Life


Ew Yum

Tea & Oranges

Malleable Forms

Girl Got Words

Fun with Allergy Kids

Emmy and Me

Happiest when Wandering

Bread and Pomegranates

Keep it Kind Online

The Daily Marinade

Sarah Bell-Booth

Nadine Millar

Jennifer Darling

Kombucha Research

Raising Ziggy

The Urban Good Life

Erica, Outnumbered

O Frabjous Day!

Emily Writes

That Family

Crappy Living

My Flatpack Life

Where Women Write

And such is life

Angela Cuming

Every Mum Should Know

Ellamental Mama

Modern Mothercraft

Takes off her shoes

Restorative Interactions

Free Range Māori

Steph Matuku

Terri Te Tau


She Calls Me

Rhubarb and Runner Beans

Lulastic and the Hippy Shake

Parent Allies

Happy Hair Guide

Childhood Bioarchaeology

Grubby Mummy and the Grubby Bubbies

Sophie Christophy

Jessica Hammond

Grow Mama

Zehra Cranmer

Teaching Rocks

Native Daughter

She Says

Pixie Authoress

Ambrosia Baby

The Pudding Club Days

Design Assembly

Heart and Crafty

Glitter and Spite

Roz Palethorpe

Knocked Out Jacq

Kiwi Play Safe

According to Jacq

Sarah Oh Dear

Tracey Ambrose

Holly McQuillan

Penny Lane Parents

Online Magazines

The Sapling

The Spinoff Parents

The Pantograph Punch



Native Collective


Dominion Road

The Bone Feeder

Under the Same Moon

The First Asian AB


Kiwiman and Robin

Voice Arts


Flip Grater

Lauren Barus

Anna Coddington


The One in a Million Baby

Dear Mamas



Cécile Meier

Tania Rabesandratana

Catherine Woulfe

Susan Edmunds

Jule Scherer

Michelle Duff


Ruth Dawkins

Editors and Proofreaders

Pretty Please Proofreading


Lines from a poem by Bill Manhire, part of the Wellington Writers Walk, photographer unknown.