We are very grateful to Christchurch International Airport for their generous sponsorship of our inaugural Writers’ Retreat!

:Our Givealittle:

Most of what we do is both free and priceless.

Encouragement has no cost, and we BRILLIANT + AMAZING + WRITERS + MOTHERS share our expertise, motivation, feedback and advice freely.

Real inclusion does come at a price, though, when it comes to in-person gatherings.

In October 2017 we will hold our first Writers’ Retreat, and our great hope is that it will be genuinely accessible for all writing mothers.

We will have a children’s programme running alongside, so writers can bring their children with them, and we will offer scholarships for those on tight incomes.

We need help making this dream a reality!

Feel free to drop us a few dollars for scholarships at our Givealittle page. Thanks so much!

If you would like to support any aspect of the Writers’ Retreat, please contact Helen Gilby at helenmgilby at gmail dot com for more details of sponsorship opportunities. Thank you!