From the moment you burst into this life the world began to tell you what you needed.

A pink headband and that weird giraffe chew toy turned into a Jojo Bow and a collection of Hatchimals followed by an outfit for the disco and decorations for your backpack.

And the longer you hang around, Little Warrior, the longer that list gets.

You’ll need anti-ageing creams and gravity defying eye serums, you’ll need to bite your tongue and only use ladylike language, you’ll have to wait for the boy to make the first move, you’ll have to only put your hand up for every third question you know the answer to so you don’t intimidate anyone else with your thirst for knowledge,

I’m calling bullshit on all of that, Wild One, and I am rewriting the list for you and for every other Girl who will one day be Woman who has always been Mighty.

The list is simple and small, My Love.

You will need somewhere safe to cry. When you were small that was my arms, and even when you are big and my arms are tired, they will always be your safe space. There is nothing you can do or feel or say that will change that. My heart, my love, and my arms, they are all the same thing. But if it’s not my arms you need, have one other safe space to cry; a carpark by the ocean, a trail in the forest, a song on repeat.

You will need to be good. I’m not talking about behaviour or manners or decisions. We all make bad decisions, we all do bad things, we all forget our manners, but that doesn’t change who we are. I’m talking about being really good. A good person. A person who gives a shit, a person who tries, and person who stops to help another when they are already running late. Even bad people can do good things. Remember that. Be a good person who occasionally does bad things. You will know the difference. Be wholly good.

You will need to go outside. Not just on the sunny days, or your days off, or when you have plans. You need to get up and go outside every single day, even when it’s too hard and the blankets are so heavy you don’t think you can push them off. You will need fresh air every day. It will help. I promise. Breathe. It will be ok.

You will need something that makes you feel. Words, sounds, a movie, a book, a place, a meal, a smell, a movement, a road, just something that reminds you who you are, how far you have come, and what you really want. Go there often.

You will need a person. And though I would prefer to never believe it, that won’t always be me. But look for love like this, Old Mate, a love like ours. You’ll know love when it finds you. It’s easy to recognise something your heart already knows.

And if one day your world goes dark and you can’t see the way, remember these words: you are already everything you need. You are. You are. You are.

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