BRILLIANT+AMAZING+WRITERS+MOTHERS is a source of solidarity for women who struggle with the juggle of kids and writing – and everything else.

Our main home is this Facebook group, where we share our successes, encourage each other through difficulties, and gradually become better writers and mothers. You can find our public Brilliant + Amazing page here.

I really want to write but the baby is only asleep for six and a¬†half minutes at a time and I haven’t slept in years and I love writing but there are lots of dishes piling up and I have a great project I want to work on but it gets kind of lonely at home with kids all day and AT LEAST I AM FLIPPING BRILLIANT AND AMAZING AND HAVE THE COMPANY OF OTHER BRILLIANT AND AMAZING WRITERS WHO ARE ALSO MOTHERS TRYING TO JUGGLE WORK AND CREATIVITY AND SLEEP AND KISSES.

We are novelists, poets, journalists, academics, copywriters, bloggers, playwrights, songwriters, editors and memoirists. Some of us have published bestsellers and won awards; some of us write quietly at home.

We are BRILLIANT and AMAZING, and we remind each other of that fact, regularly.