The Start of my Writing Adventure

New to writing, this group has been amazing (and brilliant!). After reading a lot about parenting last summer, an article just spilt out of me. A couple of days later, I saw a writing competition, entered my article and I was chosen as a runner up. This was the first thing I had written since my university dissertation, some 20 years ago, and I didn’t want to stop! I set up a Facebook page, wrote some guest blogs and an article for a local magazine.

Being part of Brilliant + Amazing + Writers + Mothers has really helped me see myself as a ‘writer’ and to be more ambitious. There are so many ‘proper’, published writers in this group and then there is me just ‘playing’ at writing but no-one here makes me feel like that. Everyone makes me feel like a ‘proper writer’ too!

I love the goal-setting threads, which are started regularly at the beginning of the week by one of the members. Anyone who wants to can then comment in the thread stating their goal for the week. Once I have committed to an intention for that week I have found, I am much more likely to stick to it. The daily “High Fives” are another regular thread on the Facebook page, anyone can comment saying something they are proud of achieving during the day (writing based or otherwise) and members will then respond to each other’s high fives. This creates real support for everyone both in their writing and role as a parent (especially juggling writing and parenting, a tricky combination!).

However, it goes much further than that. We discuss a range of issues such as mental health, politics and sexism, always approached sensitively and supportively. I know if I was having a bad day I could post a comment on the Facebook group and I would get the support I needed. I don’t actually know, in person, any of the women in this group. I don’t even live in the same country (or hemisphere) as most of them but I feel part of something most definitely brilliant and amazing.

I am hoping, that maybe (just maybe!) this is just the start of my writing adventure. As I write this a picture of a published book with my name on it pops into my head! For now, however, my next step is my new blog which I have only just launched. Thank you Brilliants, for helping me believe I can do this.

Sarah Allen lives in Devon with her husband and two children, aged 9 and 7. She writes about her adventures towards a more environmentally conscious life and a more natural and respectful approach to parenting at

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